Monday, January 08, 2007

calpotis, patatate

Ok that was my bad french joke. No doubt reading it makes no sense, as Clapotis is actually pronounced "clah-poh-tee", and "patati patatate"(sic?) is a French-Canadianism known to almost no one but like me and one other person.

At any rate, I have decided to knit said clapotis since apparently I am the only one in the stratosphere that hasn't, not to mention that after seeing Julia's beauty and about three thousand other raves about it on the internerd, I didn't want to be the odd man out. I'm enough of a loner as it is without the socially awkward mistake of not knitting my own clapotis.

To wit: a shopping spree at Wool Tyme. I'll post photos of that haul later on, methinks I bought too much stuff (clapotis-related and BEYOND) no doubt some of that indulgence will be going back. I'm kind of debating as to whether the full size version of the clap (yeah, I said it) will be just too big and I should re-size it, though in the last twenty seconds I think I've managed to talk myself out of that again, and will just go full-on whole-hog. Go like stink as my mom would say.

I cast it on yesterday and am just about ready to start dropping stitches on it, so i'l keep you posted on how it goes. Naturally the two other things I had hoped to finish this week have completely fallen by the wayside, though part of me is feeling like I should just get them done first so that I can stop feeling guilty about having the clap. heh.

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