Monday, January 15, 2007

Barbie & Blythe

I had a seriously productive weekend and even managed to drag myself onto the #95 bus so that I could make a special trip out to wool n things , which is a really cute store just off the Queensway. The BF made the journey as well, no doubt bored to tears, but I'm sure he figures he owes me (and then some) for all of the record stores I get dragged to--I do like records but everyone has their limits, surely. Anyway, I think she's maybe the only place in Ottawa that sells brands like Rowan and Debbie Bliss. It's kind of annoying that in such a geriatric town, likely chock full of knitters I might add, everything you actually need or want is usually impossible to find, OR requires a serious excursion. I did however drop a a lil' wad of cash there, so i'll be sure to post that haul later on once I can get some photos together. The bulk of my haul was all by fleece artist (east coast represent!) who I'll talk more about later on.

The clapotis presses on...I've finally reached the decrease rows on skein number six, so hopefully it'll be done in the next couple of days, time permitting. I'll try to post a few progress pics as well. There are currently three scarves and a pair of socks in the works, as well as an angora beret that I'm anxious to start. Though most everything is on hold until the clapotis is done.

Prepare to be inundated with photos right now:

Most of these were knit from barbie knits the red one though with the little stovepipe hat is a vintage pattern of my mum's.

The very last two are Barbie outfits that my mom knit either when I or my sisters were kids...there are MANY more, though I will spare you more photos. I love my vintage and mod barbies, but i promise I'm not one of those crazy Barbie princess collecting ladies!

Recently she also did up a bunch of outfits for my friend Marnie's Blythe and Coco dolls --she's got a pretty serious collection going these days:

and those patterns can all be found here.

Someday, if I'm feeling truly ambitious maybe I'll knit me some lil' mini clothes for all of my dawns:

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