Tuesday, January 02, 2007

reckless blues

Christmas came and went so fast i feel like it didn't even happen. Tis the season when a young girl's fancy turns to the non-public oriented personal projects she was trying to crank out before the holidays, that are now COMPLETE, and she can breathe a sigh of relief. To wit:
I knit EIGHT of these scarves in varying colours (every female on my team at work got one, as well as Marnie, myself and my sister Rhonda); and then: SEVEN of these hats in various colours as well (mostly black, natch) for the men on my team, myself, the IS support guy, and my lesbian crossword buddy (I remark on that only to denote her massive indifference to the "girlie" scarves I made that she'd turned her nose up at.)

Anyway, here's the pattern for it:


It's pretty much the perfect black watch seaman's cap, and will aptly compliment any anchor tattoo or peacoat. Also it's a nice one to crank out in an evening or two, and these hats look good on everyone.

Suffice to say that by the middle of December, and in addition to a few other projects I was working on my hands were nothing more than gnarled claws that would sometimes spasm in the middle of the night. I was feeling pretty speedy on these projects and relatively proud of my time management skills when my mother told me she'd cranked out something like 23 of those hats for the Red Cross, in addition to knitted barbie outfits she'd crammed into newly purchased barbie boxes so that any child receiving a brand-new barbie over Xmas would have a couple extra outfits to go along with. Lousy do-gooder, using her knitting prowess for good all the time, rather than evil. Doesn't she know if I had those skills I'd be cocooned in a mass of angora right now?

Hopefully I can get everyone together at work for a group photo in their new knitted duds, which could potentially be a cute photo op, that is if we could all sit still long enough not to kill each other.

Happy New Year everyone!

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