Thursday, January 11, 2007

Aebleskiver round two

So I think we may have finally got this right. Some of you may have heard about previous failed attempts at making dutch treat aebleskiver, profoundly sad photos of which can be found here, and here (note: we tried using a muffin tin over a pancake skillet in lieu of any of the correct materials --a valiant effort at any rate), but round two turned out entirely more successful with the purchase of the correct pan:

that's them on the stove, though that first batch was a little overcooked. I started gettin' the hang of cooking them towards the end, and here's how they turned out:

some of my observations on this:

--use substantially less batter. We made like five hundred thousand of these little suckers. Even one quarter of the batter would be better.
--cook over med. low heat. This process takes forever, but they won't burn this way.
--make sure they are almost wholly cooked before flipping. If the jam spills out it coats the next batch in disgusting burnt jam.
---let the batter rise *substantially* before cooking. This may be why mine weren't very round and puffy.
--use more cardamon.

Cardamon gives these a really unusual flavour, and sprinkled in icing sugar they are not unlike miniature jelly donuts. Once I figure out how to properly treat the cast iron pan (which incidentally rusted beyond belief after a first washing) these will no doubt become a regular holiday tradition for us from here on in:

(note the Ponch-man's jealous face) sometimes it is so hard to resist giving him whatever he wants...but, est verboten!

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