Sunday, January 28, 2007

Amy Sedaris' cupcakes

Well, it's Sunday evening and it looks like I will be at work until 2am. bah. So in the non-knitting category I thought I'd post these babies:

You know I spend all week long being "good" and then the weekend hits and I have this overwhelming compunction to BAKE. So I brought them all in to work just to officially get rid of them. They will likely all be devoured in the next 5 minutes.

On our last trip to New York in December we made a special trip to Joe's Coffee in the West Village. They are one of a new breed of artisnal coffee shops that take this whole coffee business extremely seriously (I think they were recently profiled on Martha Stewart). Though MY reason for going there was far less serious as, Amy Sedaris, one of my long time idols sells her cupcakes there, so we had to make the trip. Naturally they were all out of her cupcakes by the time I got there (sob!) so I swore we'd make some when we got back, and I'm just now finally getting around to it. I actually used Amy's own recipe (with my own personal and tacky embellishments of course...) which can be found here. Oh, and I actually added red food colouring and cocoa to about half of them just to give them a bit of a fake "red velvet" taste. Magnolia bakery look out.

All hail Amy!


Miss Muffy said...

a) I just got her book and I want to BE Amy Sedaris when I grow up
b) I used to own that exact same plate
c) We should really name this parallel universe we live in

Reckless Glue said...

hilarious-- I actually contemplated buying you her book!

hey Nat and I got the complete strangers with Candy series for xmas so we can always send it your way if you haven't seen it yet.