Monday, February 11, 2013

On sabbatical...

Well not really, but I'm sure you've more than noticed my absence from this blog for the last (many) months now! I just wanted to check in and say that said abscence will probably continue (possibly indefinitely). Life's been busy and I'm trying to spend some time enjoying it. I feel like I'm online enough still, and the guilt about not posting here (with my usual 40 paragraph dissections of everything I've been knitting --snore!) is a pretty big time suck when I have no intention of really blogging "professionally".

I'm not ruling it out in the future, and won't be taking down this blog altogether, but am contemplating a less text-heavy avenue. Speaking for myself I am definitely more of a blog "skimmer" than actual "reader" these days, opting instead to stare at the pretty, pretty pictures all day long.

I did however want to say that I LOVE YOU GUYS!! You've made my time here really worthwhile, and while I know this blog was pretty much about knitting and knitting only, I feel like I've made a lot of friends through it (cyber penpals, real-life or otherwise...) and your support, advice and encouragement has been amazing, so for that I thank-you from the bottom of my heart. BIGGEST HUGS

So that said, there are still plenty of places online for you to find me if you are so inclined!

Of course I am STILL KNITTING, and you can find more of that on Ravelry --my user name is Jadeblade.

There have been a few knits lately and you can find more details on all of them over there.

Other places you can find me:

Flickr!. I've probably been on Flickr for almost a decade now (and believe me you do not want to look back and see how crappy my pictures were ten years ago...I think I've come a long way in that department at least) But I do post new photos there on a weekly basis...some are knitting-related but mostly they are shots of my day to day adventures, vacations I go on, bike rides, pretty things etc. etc.

 Instagram --are you on Instagram? It is definitely my over-riding obsession these days. I will post pictures pretty much daily (and warning they are of the usual instagram navel-gazing variety, you WILL see pictures of my feet and food and things I think are funny.) --I try to keep the selfies to a dull roar though.

Pinterest Lots of knitting inspiration over there too, but I am definitely pinning recipes and fashion and shoes and random design stuff and other crafts as well. I love pinterest! It makes me feel like I am shopping without spending the money (and also without getting the stuff, but I can dream at least...)

I'm also on facebook but meh, that's kind of boring and I'm hardly ever on there anymore. Facebook is mostly about friends and family (and spying on ex-boyfriends, natch.)

So there you have it, please still be my friend all over the internet! xo Cara

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Evelyn said...

Aww, I, for one, have missed your blog posts and will happily read (not skim) any future posts you put up. I'm glad we're also friends on Ravelry and Pinterest ... see you around in the web-o-sphere!