Sunday, November 11, 2007


I've been a bad girl. I swore up and down that I would buy (until I got to New York next month that is...) but then off I went to my LYS. I had a list. I had a plan. I got to the store and realized, I've left my list at work. shit. So what happened? why, pointless impulse purchases of course:

Though in my defense, I've already come up with some purpose for all of it (well, almost all...)

The two skeins on the bottom are Noro Cash Iroha in a nice dark teal. I hemmed and hawed over all the colours. There were originally some much louder colours in my basket, but in the end I went a bit darker. The entire time I was there I was uber conscious of my NEED to buy colours that were unnlike the usual stuff I'd go for (always with the cranberries, greys, browns for me it seems) so I think I did pretty good on that end. Also this new reddish do is making me question my usual colour choices, particularly for hats. SO, the Noro is for Gretel:

After I bought it I realized the pattern actually called for that Noro, but for the smaller version of the beret. My inclination is always for the slouchy version so I'm kinda torn now on which size to knit.

The pink stuff up there is Sublime cashmere merino silk dk in "tease". And man is it soft. That's the one thing I'm still not sure what to do with. Nevermind the fact that I only bought one ball (WHY do I do that?!)

The green is Luxury Alpaca Peru in a jewelly emerald green colour. Also a colour I would never normally buy for myself. I think I'm going to make fetching out of those. I think they'll be a good "one ball" killer. That and about 3000 other people on ravelry appear to have knit them so it's likely a good pattern. And speaking of fetching, the boy version, Dashing is almost done for my man. He's been away all weekend so lonely me decided to knit him up a little welcome back.

I dunno, me and cables? Not so much. In principle they are easy to do, but I find that mine always look a bit "off". Maybe it's just me. I haven't been able to determine whether there's actually a problem.

And the yellow? Mirasol cotanani (cotton & merino in "sunny"). Now that for sure was an impulse. I am such a sucker for almost anything with a social conscience (Manos anyone?) and Mirasol is also a fairly traded yarn supporting the children of peruvian shepherds. Portions of those purchases go towards funding schools in the Puno region. But I do have something in mind for that yarn too,

(image deleted)

And unrelated to my latest yarn debauchery, but still new on the sticks is Kate Gilbert's Sunrise circle jacket.

I think I may have FINALLY found a use for all that wool I bought for the Phildar swing jacket. My gauge says no, but so far I'm still saying yes!


Miss Muffy said...

My "slouchy" version of Gretel turned out really big - almost too big. I don't know if that helps with your size choice!

Virtuous said...

OOPs! You slipped up and found yarn in your basket! HAHA! :oD

I love it!

I say knit up the large slouchy you have enough yarn for it?!?

I am still supposed to CO for my Dashings this week in Malabrigo! Ugh!

Lovin' your future projects!

Reckless Glue said...

yeah a couple others I've seen have been on the big side as well...maybe I'll do the small and then just block it out slouchy like foliage. thanks ladies!

Sarah said...

I've got a theory about that one ball that always sneaks in - you can't leave but you can't justify a huge sweaters worth either - I swear it's why I buy so much sock yarn which is often soooo expensive for the amount you get.

Enjoy the lovely stuff. I just keep buying books and magazines to stop buying yarn - I may go on a book diet for 08 :)