Wednesday, November 07, 2007

my neck continues to be warm...

Now that I'm posting pictures of it, and having probably not mentionned it all before, it seems like this thing took no time to knit. *But* in actual fact, it's been one of my more annoying endeavours of late.

Oh sure, I'm all smiles NOW.

SO. I had this purty yarn called apple pie in a nice "aubergine". A little bit of silk, a little bit of mohair, merino etc. I loved it. I loved the colour of it. But I didn't want to have to buy more to go with it. And I also didn't want to make socks out of it like the majority of this yarn is no doubt used for.

And y'all know I love scarves and kerchiefs. So I cast my brain back to mah friend's simple beauty. Maybe I should try something like that?

(image deleted)

It's not really showin' so much in that photo, since it's all folded up, but her pretty pink triangle shape never happened for me. Mine came out more like a big 'ol u-shape. I wish I had taken a photo wearing it. It was essentially, a bib for a grown-up. And while not a day goes by where I don't get food all over me somehow, and could in fact probably really use an adult bib, I still didn't want to go there. So I'm not sure what happened ... I think I was missing a K2tog somewhere in there. I also tried another version of my own creation with additional eyelets that yielded similar results. Half a skein later and that too was frogged. Was I feeling frustrted at this point? Yes. Yes I was.

So off to raverly I went (you know, for the one billionth time). LOTS of complex lace shawls on there, but I didn't want a shawl so much as a big kerchief. Then on ravelry I found THIS pattern. The fact that no one else appears to have knit this thing should have been my first clue. But it looked promising so off I went. Now, saying that something is terribly off with this pattern would pretty much be the understatement of the decade. I ripped it and started again THREE times, before finally launching it across the room in a fit of despair.

Breathe. Back to ravelry. And my final "winning" pattern choice. Which you can find HERE.

I wish I could tell you that everything went swimmingly from that point on, but sadly, there was a mistake in that pattern too. It's like the knitting gods simply did not want me to make a kerchief in that particular yarn in any way shape or form. I wound up tearing that one back about three times as well. In the end it was an easy enough fix, the pattern was just missing a YO on one line. You can check my project deets on Ravelry if you need to know what that was.

In the end I showed that bitch who's boss:

(image deleted)

and that was all the yarn I had left.

I won't kid myself though. As with most eyelet-ty things I do, there are a whole host of boo-boos! But this thing is airy enough that a hole or two out of position and I was all: pffffft, what-ever. Those photos are all pre-blocking btw and it's actually much much larger now...

Archie helped me with the blocking process:

And by "helped" me I mean, was as annoying as any creature on this earth could have POSSIBLY been. Trying to eat pins, make a fort under the cardboard, burrow into the plastic and under the scarf. aaaaaahhhhhhhh.

Mom, what do you mean? I eez innocent...

(image deleted)

"I can has cheezburger now?"

Sorry I couldn't resist a little lolcat action there.

Anyhoozle, it's done and I like it. Though I washed it in a sink that I had previously cleaned with baking soda, and now it too reeks of baking soda, so I think I likely won't be wearing it again until I can clean it properly. Or maybe it's a re-gifter.

Actually in re-reading this entry about my kerchief drama, I suddenly feel mad at this scarf. I think I will have to ignore it until it buys me flowers and candy makes it up to me.


Sarah said...

Hope the scarf has made suitable amends :) It is a purty thing

Miss Muffy said...

NOICE! Adult bib made me snort! (Maybe that would be more appropriate in some kind of absorbant boucle?) Way to stick it out - you'll probably end up loving it more as a result of all your turmoil!

Virtuous said...

I am just now catching up on all my blog reading too.

Gurl you are too funny!!

LOL @ who's boss and your little helper.

Please do not re-gift a baking soda smelling lace scarf! HAHA! I would be mad at you!! LOL

And you clean up "ole school" I haven't used baking soda in a hot minute!!