Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Xmas craft sale madness!

Here's what I'm doing this weekend:

(image deleted)

oopsy, that should be December 1st, not 2nd...I think I just grabbed last year's poster. But if you're local, all the details are HERE.

These craftsales are always an amazing event, and it is not without some melancholy that i'll be there this year, as it will be the FIRST ladyfest Christmas craftsale that I haven't been "selling" at. My partner in crime for these events has just had a baby, and these days there's just no time...

SO, no more sassy toilet seats, wall hangings, sparkle phones, and dollie gift cards for you. Unless you make your own of course. Or buy them from Workshop! Ahhh, remember all the stuff I used to make before I got so obsessed with knitting? --Not to mention all the books I used to read!--heh, glad that degree in literature has served me so well...

That said, I will try to make up for my serious lack of selling this year with some major purchasing! I can't wait, and I hope to see some of you there!

Not local enough for you yanks? In a similar vein here's where I will be the following Saturday (December 8th):

(image deleted)

It's a block from my hotel, so I can't very well pass it up, now can I? I hope everyone likes handmade things, cuz that's what you're gettin' this year! (either made by yours truly or otherwise...)

All the details for the craftacular can also be found HERE. It's at the Metropolitan pavilion in NYC on West 18th. I am seriously looking forward to getting my shop on in the coming weeks. AND, my hero, Amy Sedaris is going to be there!!!!!!!!!!

And speaking of Christmas prezzies, I've taken a page out of the Miss Muffy book and have whipped up some quick slippers from knit 2 together.

They knit up super jiffy-quick, and were great for stash-busting:

And then I went to felt them. Without a washing machine.

(image deleted)

I even added boiling water from the kettle and then proceeded to beat the shit out of them with a wooden spoon.

And what happpened?

(image deleted)

They got b-i-g-g-e-r.

Apparently me "beating the shit out of them" is the equivalent to a couple of kittens prancing around in the sink. Oh well. I shall be patient and wait until the weekend when I can actually get my hands on a washing machine and several pairs of dirty jeans. And then I can embellish them and make 'em all bow-tastic.

Apart from that the rest of my projects right now are kinda big but chugging along slowly and surely. I've abandoned all hope of doing any knit presents for my team at work. The majority of Chris-my-ass knitting right now is essentially for me. I was hoping to get that jade empire cardigan done in time for my trip to New York next week, but I think that might be a bit ambitious. I'm only about half done at this point. Fingers crossed my needles don't get confiscated so I can actually work on it on the plane.

Hope everyone's having a great week :)


Miss Muffy said...


I'm SO jealous! I want to BE Amy Sedaris when I grow up! You have to pinch her bum or something for me!

Good luck with the slippers. I'm thinking I'll have to wash mine 800 times before they look even remotely felted.

Reckless Glue said...

I know I only just realized she was going to be there as I was posting this. I was debating bringing her last book to autograph, but I'm sure it's going to be a mental madhouse there, and can I even be bothered to lug it? Maybe I'll bring the book of liz instead or something.
We should totally plan a trip the four of us sometime---it would be SO fun!

hmmm I wonder if it's the white wool that's not felting? I read some woman threw hers in a bucket with a plunger and 4 tennis balls and just plunged the shit out of it to felt them since she didn't have a machine. Too much effort for me i think. I'll just mooch off my folks hydro bill instead...

Virtuous said...

OOooh you are having a REALLY good time!

LMAO!! @ beat with a wooden spoon! HAHA!! I just discovered how you can felt by hand myself!

And you are killing me about your Christmas knitting too! I feel the EXACT same way!

Have lots more fun and a safe trip back!
~ Ooh BTW I had NO idea you respond back to comments within your comment section! I never come back to read!! ;op

Reckless Glue said...

I know I'm bad --but it never occurs to me to actually email people!

Amy said...

Colour me jealous! I can't believe you're going to New York and your seeing Amy Sedaris! Make an eye burrito and get her to sign that.

I too, have found that the mad reading skillz that my English degree imparted have gone wholly unused since knitting entered my life. I wish I had pursued a knitting degree instead.

Maybe I'll see you at the Ladyfest sale!

Reckless Glue said...

haha man, I could use one of those eye burritos right now!

Amy said...

I find it hilarious that in my previous comment I mentioned having an English degree and yet I wrote "your meeting Amy Sedaris" instead of "you're." See, I really did throw that degree right out the window.

mishi2x said...

LOL!! That felting is damn tricky. Good luck!!