Saturday, November 04, 2006

back in action!

these are far harder to photograph than you'd think...

This is likely to be the first of a few posts (long overdue, I know...), as we gear up for the Ladyfest Christmas craftsale. More on that can be found on their website: . You should definitely check it out...I always seem to spend most of my time purchasing rather than selling, as there is always some amazing stuff there, and it is usually *the* craftsale for bringing out Ottawa's hippest and best DIYers.

This year we are rolling out the wall hangings for the first time evah, so it remains to be seen how they will actually fare. If they don't do well then i'll have lots of decorations for my own place--and you all can know what to expect for Xmas! As you can see from the above photos, we have lots of them in all different sizes, shapes, colours. I've thrown them all up together for the sake of the photos, but there's something appealing about how all the colours and patterns clash together, and there's plenty more where those came from. Why we always have to craft up such "giant" items is beyond me. I am always so envious of the crafters who show up with a little purse of jewelry and set up their table display in like two seconds flat. Marnie and I are usually hauling endless loads of toilet seats and telephones (and now these babies) out of the car. How we will even display all of them is beyond me. Plus I'm not sure that a couple of the uber big ones (not pictured) will even fit in a car!

So, that said, mark your calendars cuz the "not your grandma's Xmas craftsale" this year is on December 2nd at the Jack Purcell community center on Elgin street, I for one CANNOT wait!


Greg "Mississippi Grover" Watson said...

Sweet - I've got a gig at Irene's (w/ Evil Farm Children & Four 'n' Giv'r) that night. We'll definitely swing by the fest for some xmyass shopping.

Reckless Glue said...