Saturday, November 04, 2006

a word on "costs"

I'm starting to think that I might not be able to part with this one of the makes me happy everytime I look at it.

At any rate, I should probably mention that some of these are vintage fabrics (and therefore more expensive than the reproduction patterns). There's only a few of those though, but they still won't be crazy Marimekko-stylie cha-ching (which run about $200 US for a "kit" about a yard and a half in size). We'll be sitting down to price this stuff in the next couple weeks. There's one that's 5 feet X 3feet likely to be around $100, and the smallest ones will be around $25, so Marnie and I will sit down and figure out what all our costs are and then price them accordingly.

We'll be upping the price of the toilet seats to $40 as well, as we were getting killed on those a bit. It's still a bargain, as I've noticed there's a woman in the states now doing them for $75 US. At Workshop they've been upped to $60, as they take their cut there too, so it needs to be worthwhile for both of us. I know we're not the most savy of business-women, but for us this is fun, not our jobs. The lightswitch covers will still be a $5 BARGOON, and the sparkle phones will be $40 as well. Definitely the craftsales are where things are zee cheapest...

This has the potential to be the last craftsale you will ever see us at, so if you want it after that you will have to either get it at the store or place a custom order.

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