Friday, November 17, 2006

lights out, unhuh, flash flash

Just to give you a last year's ladyfest craftsale we had well over a hundred of these sassy switchplates for sale. We sell them for 5 bucks each, and the double sized ones were $7. A steal --I've seen similar ones on sale for 15 and 20 dollary-doos.

This year we are doing mostly the singles and mostly the pinups. Anything we've still got from the Edward Gorey or "rock and roll" collection (see previous posts) will also be sold off at this event, never to return again. If there's something specific you wanted we could still do a custom order for you.

And of course, these are the perfect bathroom compliment to the sassy toilet seats. In the past we've done matching mirrors and tissue box covers, but we're trying to reel our obsessions in a bit!

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