Friday, November 17, 2006

bootylicious toilet seats!

Toilet seats are our bread and butter at these craftsales (I guess that would be "buns" and butter?). Well not so much our bread and butter, but definitely the most popular item that we sell. This year we've opted to strictly do the pinup seats, and we're hoping to have about twenty of them available for sale at December 2nd's craftsale, so there will definitely be a selection of amazing seats for you to choose from, far too many to post here. We sell them for forty dollars. They are also available for sale at workshop studio and boutique for $50. (It's always a bit lighter on the pocketbook for you if you buy this stuff at the craftsales...)

So, please come...there's lots of amazing, funky, fabulous and TRULY one of a kind items available for sale at these ladyfest events, and the Holiday one is by far the most popular and an amazing showcase of Ottawa's hippest and most unique talents (I'm hoping to score myself one of those Johnny Cash pillow-dolls this year!).

So don't forget:
Saturday December 2nd (see below for more details) and get ALL your Xmas shopping done in one day!

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