Tuesday, May 20, 2008

more knitwear as art

I'm in love with this...and it's rounding out my obsession with fake taxidermy nicely, given the materials:

I'm not sure if the artist has actually knit it herself, or simply felted re-purposed sweaters etc. for it, but I'm thinking it might behoove me (yeah, I made that pun...) to knock one of these out for myself. Seriously there are just not enough hours in the day for all of the stuff I want to do lately!

Plus, made by yours truly would save me the $700 that I don't have for art...

If you CAN afford the real thing, this is by Rachel Denny and can be bought here.

You also might want to pick up one of these while you're at it:

Totally going in my crafty "to do" pile.


Julia said...

Great, now instead of looking for a job, I'm going to be busting out the power tools and cutting out mustache shapes from plywood!

Reckless Glue said...

ok well if you make one before I do that'd save me a lot of work.

The Happy College Knitter said...

Oh too funny. Where do you find these things??

Victoire said...

Those are both amazing!