Thursday, May 15, 2008

not slackin'

This is the first time in a long time that I've actually found myself "between" knitting projects. There's almost always one or two on the go, and then I'll usually decide to throw a couple more on the pile (though one always manages to take the lead as the focus of my attention it seems). --Notice I'm not mentionning the stalled-out Iceland in this mix? --Fear not, she WILL have her day...

But that said, I've now cast on for a whole host of new projects --most of them little. I think that way I feel as though I'm actually accomplishing something. Plus the thought of having a warm sweater on my lap all summer, not something I really relish.

The Prairie boots from Cocoknits. Periodically as a time killer on ravelry I will do one of those random pattern searches where you can search a random assortment of "favourites", and that's how I originally found these. I queued them immediately, and then noticed in my friends page the next day that about ten other peope had done the same thing! Honestly, what did we do before ravelry?! Check her out --she's got some interesting patterns for sale on her site. I recently bought this one as well,

Felted Desk accesories:

I thought they'd make some nice quickie "office" Xmas presents this year. Goodness knows I'm not actually giving out any of my business cards, I might as well house them in something cute (before I start using them as scrap paper...)

That one is the "Phiaro scarf" by Katie Himmelberg --it was in the last issue of Knitscene. It's gonna be a long slog I think. It sits on my desk at work, and gets about 20 minutes of knitting action (if I'm lucky..) on my lunch break. Plus it is endless stockinette in the round until the bitter end when you finally get to drop some stitches. I'm excited about the yarn though, it's the first time I've knit with bamboo, and it is gorgeously soft.

Also from that same issue of Knitscene, the Calyx handtote:

The bag handles are done, but they need to be felted before I can press on,

...and apartment living means that might take a while. I have some slightly more rock and roll plans for this bag though than the more Zen florals pictured in that sample photo.

And I've got one other small number on the sticks, another beret from the Purl Bee. It's just about done though so it's pointless to post an "in progress" pic of it. The last Purl beret I knit has long since been frogged, so I'm hoping i'll have better results this round. Though I am questionning whether I'll have enough yarn for it (and there is no more...) so I might wind up with a RIP post about it rather than an finished object.

So that's it --there's lots going on around Reckless Glue headquarters right now in addition to a really busy personal/work life of late. I'm not sure if it's Spring fever or what, but lately i just feel like sitting on the porch reading rather than doing any knitting. Is something wrong with me? I guess I tend to get this way as the summer nears. Hope everyone has a great long weekend!


Anonymous said...

I believe I made my Picovoli out of the same bamboo yarn. It was delish!

It's so funny. I was just sitting here thinking; "I should work on that dress but I really just feel like getting outside (no porch unfortunately) and reading or something. I always get a bit of cabin fever this time of year, I think.

Virtuous said...

I luv the colors you picked for your Praire Boots!!

Julia said...

We are really on some kind of parallel wavelength when it comes to knitting. I'm also in a between projects/small projects/thinking of new projects phase.

You're totally gonna love that scarf when you're through. Bamboo is so nice and drapey! And fringe? Yum!

joy said...

I love Coco Knits! Just finished up a pattern myself. The wire and pearl bracelet. I have the prairie boots in my queue too - I'll start them.... eventually