Monday, May 26, 2008

Knitwear fashion as art

These incredible pieces are all by Sandra Backlund. She uses a number of different mediums for her designs, but I thought I'd post a glimpse into some of her haute knitwear insanity,

These appeal to me strictly from a design standpoint, (not to mention every ounce of work that must go into them!) --but the form that she manages to create boggles the imagination.

Can't imagine we'll be seeing a pattern book for these any time soon. How does one manage to get a job as one of the knitting worker-bees on projects like these exactly? Or right-- I guess I'd have to go to fashion school or something. dang.

More incredible still are some of the non-knitwear pieces...I think this one is actually made out of hair:



Virtuous said...

Oh my goodness you find the most interesting knit fashion pics! LOL

*snort* @ fashion school

aleksandra said...

i read some article on knitty, which featured a girl from some FASHION SCHOOL that made a sweater in the human-hair/merino blend.

is it only me saying: eeew, gross!

Julia said...

Hmm. Makes my outfit of jeans and t-shirt look so ho-hum. Do you think they'll have hair-shirt knock-off's at H&M? Ha-ha.

joy said...

beautiful - what a great designer!

hernamewasgreta said...

i just found your now almost exact month old comment on my puffy beret, and i wrote down the pattern for you:

hope the reply was worth the wait.

Anonymous said...

I really love these photos. I'm sure they seem ridiculous to some but knowing what it would take to concieve/chart/knit/assemble them--Whew! I don't know if I'm inspired or exhausted.