Monday, June 02, 2008

some progress

There comes a time in every knit-blog reader's life where they must endure the dreaded "progress" pics. That time my friends is now, and that reader unfortunately, is YOU.

The Calyx handtote is ever-so-close to completion. It's been a pretty fast knit, and the handles felted up beautifully (good old reliable Patons merino!). One of my last attempts at felting with Lopi left a washing machine coated in blobs of grey yarn. The Patons did not shed AT. ALL. Patons, I will never doubt you--my Canadian homegirl-- again. I had actually put this sucker down for a while because I thought I'd run out of black wool. Scouring the stash for something entirely different procurred another ball for me though (in the same dye lot!) so she's back on baby. I guess it would help me to know what I actually had now wouldn't it? Anyway, I'm still debating on some embellishment ideas --I'm thinking I may felt those too so in the end she might be on hold after all until I can hit up another washing machine.

The prairie boots:

Total standstill right now. I finished the first one, but have now come down with "second sock syndrome" on the next. Really, will I ever wear these? Wait what am I saying? I hardly wear any of the stuff that I knit, so does it matter? (ok, that's not true, I do wear a lot of it...just not most of it if I'm being totally honest).

The Phiaro scarf,

I think this is going to be amazing once it's done. I'm also curious about how this tube eventually becomes a scarf (please god, I hope I am not doing this wrong!), but for now, it is the most boring knit on planet earth. I just keep repeating my mantra that the simplest knits are the most wearable, and hopefully that'll pull me through.

And finally something new!

This is Quant from Knitty. I can't remember if Entrelac was on my 2008 "knit-o-lutions" to-do list, but it was definitely up there in terms of things that I wanted to attempt this year. And this seemed like a nice "small" project to learn it on. Not to mention using up the last of that stinking Noro of mine. (That said again, I think I may run out). But it does have a bit of a "mod" sensibility and that appeals to me. But in the end, I think the Noro might make it more "bohemian" than "mod" and it'll end up being a gift for one of the granolas that I work with. Oh well, the best laid plans right?

Happy Monday everyone!


aleksandra said...

bear in mind, honey, that it is no punishment whatsoever to watch your progress. in fact, i find those posts most inspiring, because they feature things that you're actually making, instead of the ones you're oohing and aahing about.

i'm curious about that scarf too. just had a look at the other FO's of it, and all i can say is: I WANNA!

Team Knit ! said...

The tote is looking great! I love those prarie boots, but I remember thinking the same thing when I saw tyhe supercute pattern- I'll never wear them! Although, i did see some girl with a pair of UGGs that looked just like them yesterday.....

- Julie

Julia said...

How did I miss that issue of Knitscene? There's so many nice things in that one!
Your scarf will be well worth it I think. (I can't figure out how the tube will become a scarf either, but I still think you're doing it right!(

Sarah said...

Seeing things on the needles is fun too and Quant will surely be finished super soon and give you that FO buzz

kgirl said...

ooh, that tote is looking very nice! and I love that little figurine you've placed next to the entrelac, so sweet

Rachel said...

I saw those knitted boots on ravelry the other day and just can't resist! They are so fun! The color combo you picked is perfect. =)