Monday, June 09, 2008

Fast F.O

Ok I think we can file this one under "anti-climatic", but here you go:

pattern: Quant from
yarn: the dregs of Kureyon that I'd used to knit this bag
needles: 5mm

I actually used less than a ball for this cuz I didn't *really* have enough. I got some length out in the blocking process though, so in the end it was more than big enough. In fact too big and too wide for what is apparently my pea-sized head.

Super fast and fun knit...I had some issues with the finishing rows though--not sure what my problem was there, but my i-cord wound up coming off the side and not the center, but rather than go back and fix it I just cast on a few more stitches and kinda "fudged" an extra triangle or two. You'd never really notice (well you might but the end I didn't really care).

I will never wear this thing. I think the combo of granola-esque headband and my already ambivalent feelings about Noro are making this a definite re-gifter. I think I just don't know how to wear hair accessories's long been a struggle of mine (psychologically or otherwise, it's still there!) and I seldom wear my hair up, so to me it just looks weird.

You can tell I'm not feeling it, eh? (Canada day is coming soon, so i'll be throwing in as many "eh's" as I can this next month in a final surge of patriotism).

At least now I can tick Entrelac off the list, right?

We won the prize this weekend for hottest/most humid spot in the country. What is this prize you ask? Why, the maddening desire to kill of course (coupled with a sweaty, debilitating exhaustion and inability to follow through). Ironically we are still about ten degrees short of our own record. Have I mentionned how much knitting sucks in this heat? Nevertheless, I am nothing if not tenacious and another F.O is coming yer way this week. Sweaty psychosis be damned!


Julia said...

Despite the fact that I actually make my own granola (for reals), I would never wear that either. Not that it's not a lovely piece of knitting. Some crunchie is gonna love that!

Wendy said...

You're right... it just doesn't suit you. I had the same problem with Calimatory or what ever it was called. Same concept... used left over Noro... actually liked the way the colors came out... but it's too long and too wide for my head and I would never wear it anyway. I've begun a basket to store re-gifted knits that turned out to just not be me.

Reckless Glue said...

funny you should say that...calorimetry also looked like crap on me! I think I need to give up on headbands altogether.

Sarah said...

I'm sure you'll find someone who will carry this off to perfection. Great way to try entrelace for sure, you finished in just a little less time than I will take for Lady Eleanor.

Fuji Mama said...

I think you don't give yourself enough credit--I think it looks quite cute on you!

kgirl said...

knitted headbands are tricky things, eh?

(like that? slipped one in and I don't even know why?)

perhaps you could sew some fabric to one long end and make a fab apron top or something equally crunchy?!

Virtuous said...

Don't you just love knitting up these warm items in the dead of summer! :oD It is 99 here! *Gawk!*

But they say the best time to knit these items are now so you can have them ready to use wen it is cold!

Lolly said...

I really like it :) but hey, we all have our things, huh. I added this one to my list when it came out. i haven't tried entrelac yet, but i would like to try it with this one!