Tuesday, April 15, 2008

F.O action

Front-side/back-side (heh. "back side" is the expression my mom uses in place of "ass"...). It's like two different coloured bags --but not. Ah, the miracle of Noro... though also sometimes the annoyance that is Noro. I expect new yarn to be "knotted" into a skein at some point along my knitting projects --but so often? and so poorly matched? You'll be knitting along all green-like and then whammo! a knot. In pink. grrrr. I spent some time un-balling a couple of skeins just to make my colours flow a little more accurately (I'm demented like that). Now I've got like three half-balls of Noro that I'm not quite sure what to do with. I'm thinkin' maybe coffee cozies as future "office" Xmas presents.

And lined:

the deets:

Pattern: Counterpane carpet bag from Handknit Holidays (thank-you Julia!)
yarn: Noro Kureyon, colour #188 (about 3 and half balls)
needles: oh god --I think I used 8mm
misc.: some vintage fabric from the fabric stash, and a pair of bamboo handles that I just got at Michael's

Anyway great pattern, well written, easy to follow etc. It actually went up pretty fast considering I was only kinda half-interested in it. Not sure if i'll keep it...I'm thinking it might be a bit too "boho" for me. Too pretty or girlie or hippie or something. THOUGH, I must say, I am quite enamoured of it and think that it looks really good. Something I'd even consider buying in a store (in a non-homemade kind of way...) or conversely something I'd force someone else to spend a lot of money on IN a homemade kind of way. (Funny those two extremes...)

Saturday evening I also cast on for (and finished Sunday morning), the Twinkle biker vest. It's been in my queue for a long time. Prepare yourselves for a long post on that one because there was A LOT of wonkiness with the pattern, and I'm toying with the idea of doing a bit of a re-write on it in case anyone else decides they want to knit it, and they happen to stumble over here. I definitely would have looooooved to have found a blog post like that myself this weekend. But at the very least it was a fast knit, so any anguish I suffered was fortunately fleeting.

I also cranked out another of Miss Muffy's Jenny Cloche hats which I'm pretty stoked about, so i'll try and post pics of that later this week too. Speaking of which y'all should head on over there and buy one of those patterns--2 bucks! --you can't even get a coffee for 2 bucks! Well maybe a coffee, but definitely not no starbucks-grande-triple-shot-skinny-cinnamon-dolcé-latte (she says with the finesse of someone who orders this weekly with no trace of irony). Help a girlie out, go buy Julia's new baby (pattern, that is...).

And speaking of babies... I stole this off my friend Marnie's Facebook page (now that she's had this kid, facebook is what amounts to friendship these days, but what can you do...)

Lookit that sweet face! recognize those knits?

the Debbie Bliss hat

and the BSJ

much cuteness abounds!


Macoco said...

The bag is really cute. And I don't think it's too girlie or anything.

Anonymous said...

I've been meaning to make this bag FOREVER but never got around to it. I absolutely love your! We can trade if you want. Do you want my retarded Phildar Swing Jacket?

Reckless Glue said...

oh that is too funny --swing jacket also in my queue for soooo long. I finally gave up on it. In retropsect it's one of the few things I'm glad I never bothered with (tho I like how it looks on everyone else...).
The reality is that I am vaguely disappointed with most garments I knit. At least a bag is low on the time-sucking scale--and you knit SO many sweaters that you could crank it out insto-matically I'm sure!

joy said...

I do that same thing w/Noro -- fixing the color flow. Good to know there are others out there.

And, I will love you forever if you re-write that biker jacket! I want to knit it but fear the big city knits patterns. weekend knits is sooo much better!

Julia said...

Jealous of all your awesome knitting! I'be been so busy I haven't knit in TWO DAYS. I think I'm going through withdrawl!

Lolly said...

totally beautiful bag! love it! and lined too? you are amazing ;)

Sarah said...

That is a very fine bag indeed

shopgirl said...

nice bag! I love the biker vest- I couldn't make it through the pattern, though:)

Bumpkin Bears said...

I really like the bag, despite all the effort it was really worth it. Just love the images of the jumper and baby shoes - too cute :) beary hugs, Catherine

knitlit kate said...

wow, you are a knitting MACHINE! i love your counterpane bag. i made one myself a couple of years ago and while i love it, i think i've only carried it once or twice. those circular handles never stay up on my shoulder...and you're so right about the boho vibe. but it does make a cool bag to sport to knit nite. i love your flowery liner fabric as well. i am so ADD about picking out fabric for stuff like this.