Friday, April 25, 2008


Jenny, Jenny, who can I turn to?
Sing it! "Jenny, Jenny, you're the hat for me..." For a good time, for a good time call:

pattern: Jenny cloche by Julia Madill
yarn: Elann Seta lana in black (2 balls)...yes, leftover from the biker vest
needles: 7mm

I'm a good little test knitter, aren't I? Good thing this wasn't a sweater! Version 3 of this hat is my best attempt yet. I did it in the smaller size and it fits perfectly. Too bad the darn thing is getting socked away until I can actually begin wearing it in oh, 6 months time.

I also attempted the second "non-bow" version of this hat, and tried it out with a few vintage pins from my ever-growing sixties enamel flower collection. (I feel like I see these things everywhere now and always have to pick them up)

Ok, I may have gone a little overboard...

(photo deleted)

But in the end I went back to the bow version. Somehow it manages to sweeten up all my bad-ass outfits (heh.) and in black I think it's a little less precious.

Oh, and I should probably introduce you to "Sam". You'll probably be seeing a lot more of her, particularly when I grow too impatient to wait for the BF to take hat pictures for me. (I'm antsy like that...)

(photo deleted)

I can't decide if she's creepy or not. Maybe in a very eighties kinda way. My sister was doing a purge of all sorts of stuff and "Sam" was a leftover from when she was in hairdressing school (also why Sam has so little hair left...), and she was in the toss pile. I pretty much zeroed in on her and not much else. She's also got this crazy table clamp that you cram her neck into and then you can turn and manipulate her all different ways. She's like the older sister to my barbie styling heads (though I do believe that the last one of those I had in the eighties I also gave a buzz cut to...)

I'm presently deciding on which new projects to tackle, but am also loathe to begin anything new until I FINALLY finish that Swiss Cheese scarf. Seriously, that thing is taking forever. Though is it any wonder when I keep starting new things? But, the end is in sight! And I have another very cute F.O comin' yer way.
Have a great weekend...


The Happy College Knitter said...

Oh my goodness; Love! I neeeeeeed to get that hat. I've been meaning to send her money via snail mail since my paypal has temporarily gone on the fritz. Sigh. I have perfect yarn and everything!

p.s. I love that song.

p.s.s. The model head reminds me of Michael Jackson in "Thriller" in that last shot especially. That's creepy all in itself lol...

Charisse said...

"Sam" is a tad creepy, but I think that's probably why I also think she's very cool.
The cloche looks great too :)

Macoco said...

Welcome Sam! I don't think she's creepy at all - there really are some creepy heads out there. But Sam is cool.

Allison said...

I think Sam's sweet. I like that her eyeshadow matches her eye colour.

Julia said...

I also have a vintage enamel pin collection and you can bet they'll be finding their way onto many a Jenny. Thanks for all yer hard testin' work!