Tuesday, April 29, 2008


MUCH. cuteness.

pattern: Tulip Doll from Caffaknitted
yarn: well, the gold colour was Paton's Classic merino...the beigey skin tone, I'm not so sure...likely a Paton's blend of some kind (Canadiana?). I took it from my stash of catnip toy yarn (which I think I also originally stole from my mom's stash!).
needles: 3.75mm

No real modifications...in the end I switched out all butons for some knitted bobbles instead (and felt "buttons" on her shoes) mostly in an effort to remove any choking hazards for my friend's baby.

Ok, I love her SO MUCH. She actually looks kinda like my friend Jaye, and she's the first real "toy" that I've ever knit (I'm not counting catnip toys...), and she was a breeze. I really appreciate that all of the embellishments were made of felt...having seen my mom cursing over knitting HAIR for dolls --uh, no thanks. And I love her visible stitching --very Tim Burton-esque.

(photo deleted)

She's kind of Sally from "the Nightmare before Christmas", meets Blythe in the 1940's. And my friend Marnie who's daughter little miss Roxy is for actually collects Blythes, so I knew it'd be a hit.

I love her matching undies:

(yes, I was still in my jammers when I took that pic...)

And I actually have a tip to share, courtesy of my mother. I had stuffed each piece individually prior to assembling, and even though it seemed like I had crammed oodles of stuffing into her, it really wasn't nearly enough, and likely would have compacted that much more over time. And I was loathe to rip her apart and re-stuff and re-sew. So, Mom to the rescue...it never really occured to me to poke extra stuffing in through a loose stitch (a decrease stitch works well) until she kind of gave me that "well, duh" moment. It's amazing how much extra stuffing you can cram in a little bit at a time.

(photo deleted)

(tho this pic does look a bit gruesome as result, doesn't it?)

If you get a chance check out all the other dolls that Caffaknitted has done on her ravelry page...they're all amazing --monsters and dollies alike, and they're my favourite kind of stuffed creatures --sweet, melancholy misfits.

I pretty much had to get her out of the house as soon as she was done, otherwise I would have kept her forever. As it was I took about a hundred pictures of her in different poses. I find her totally charming and think I need to either make another for myself, or make miss Roxy a boyfriend. I'm already thinking about all of the berets and baguettes and accessories I want to knit to go along with her.

(picture deleted)

I'm sad to part with her but her new best friend Stevie provides a worthy home!

tee hee --love that belly!


The Happy College Knitter said...

omg adorable. Hahahaha. She's absolutely precious.

The look on her face is PRICELESS.

Sarah said...

She is so wonderful - definitely the most charming knitted toy I've ever seen - such character - will you be able to stop at just one more?

Virtuous said...

OOh you make me want to knit up a chocolate Roxy! ;op

Thanks for all the tips and I like the felted embelishments much better too!

Yes, her tummy is too cute! :oD Perfect twins!

Macoco said...

This is the best knitted toy I've seen to date. I love her sweet hair.

Julia said...


her name was greta said...

she's so beautiful! well done! simply adorable.

Reckless Glue said...

thanks everyone! :)