Monday, April 28, 2008


I wonder if I could get the BF to wear this? Perhaps at our next pool party?
Over the weekend we were in an American Apparel store (I won't go on at length about how much I hate that place...) and I managed to get him to try on one of those red metallic baseball jackets that they sell there just so he could indulge me in the ridiculousness of it. I'm telling you, this was no mean feat. He's pretty conservative at the best of times (tho I think he likes to think that's somehow punk rock...) and he's shy, and that place is obnoxious AND it looked like a shiny red garbage bag hanging there on the rack. But he still did it, and I have the photo to prove it. (I will spare him the embarrasment of actually posting it here even though I really, really want to). In the end I was kind of surprised by how good it actually looked on him.

sidebar: he indulged me in a lightning fast trip to Montreal this weekend just so I could go and check out the Marimekko stuff at H&M. Have I mentionned how annoying it is that this town doesn't even have an H&M, and that going there always winds up being this anti-climatic pilgrimage? Anyway, I have long been obsessed with Marimekko (I made a special NYC trip a few years ago for this baby hanging in my living room), and while I know that a lot of that stuff has essentially been wholly unwearable since about 1966, I'm still a devotee of all things mod, so I absolutely had to make a special trip for it. Naturally the H&M I hit has an extremely limited portion of the collection, and what was there was totally picked over.

In the end I made off with one top,

and a scarf,

but what I really wanted was the orange and brown stuff that they had NONE of.

boooooooo. Anyway, you can see more here and here.
Julia, if you came across any of it at the Toronto H&M, let me know...

SO. all this to say that my mod quotient was kind of unsated this weekend.

But photos like this are making it all better!

photo credits: Stitchy McYarnpants, nitro:licious, marimekko blog


Anonymous said...

I actually like the stuff you got more than the stuff you wanted. Michelle and I might make a trip to Montreal soon. Hopefully they'll restock because it's all super cute.

luxeloops said...

did you see the kitty picture i posted on my blog from the same site? oh the 60's and 70's..... what silly decades for knitting.

Reckless Glue said...

yes, omg ---that sleeping bag thing the cat was crammed in to? hysterical...poor thing!

Allison said...

That purple sweater is hillarious.

kate said...

Oh wow, I actually own the pattern book that Swimming Pool Man comes from. Each outfit is more hilarious than the next. God, I love it. The best 25 cents I ever spent.