Wednesday, April 09, 2008

non-knitting obsessions

Plans today to purchase this bike:

Were seriously thwarted when I was informed of the THREE MONTH waiting list just for pre-orders. Booooooooooo. Much sadness ensued. So I bought a new helmet instead. Somehow I don't think that particular void will be filled by it though. Dreams of canning my gym membership for the summer and spending all day everyday on the new beast immediately vanished.

Tokyo drift:

appears to be stuck with me a while longer. I guess I shouldn't really complain.
To make myself feel better (and let's face it, to stave off boredom another hour...) I did my monthly Flickr trolling for Bento.

Now, I have loooooooong been obsessed with the artistry of Bento boxes. It's kind of one of those obessions that I am fearful of indulging
too seriously lest it completely take me over. Because as you KNOW, I am really weak when it comes to my obsessions and can often let them rule me. Plus the very idea of painstakingly agonizing over my lunches all the time, buying special "supplies", being meticulous etc. I just don't want to go there. I have enough hobbies.

Often I will troll flickr for some inspiring Bento, and in light of any real knitting to post today, thought I'd honour a few favourites.

This woman, Sakurako Kitsa on flickr, is so amazing! You can see them all here, but a few of my faves,

her garden bento (flowers made of egg whites all individually dyed):

Canada Geese:

Anyway, she has SO many more...check her out, she's amazing. Some of my favourites are just the more simplified sandwich bentos that she does for her boyfriend.

SO fun!

And some other amazing Bento-type people on flickr worth checking out:





And, just generally lots and lots more Bento porn here. Now, go!-- while away the hours thinking about how inferior your lunch looks today!


whistlepeaknits said...

I brought my bike in to get serviced yesterday. I can't wait to get it back tomorrow!

In Japan you can get tons of bento decoration papers at the 100 yen (dollar) store. Although I think they're really fun it kind of bugs me in that it seems like yet another way Japanese women bend over backwards for their ingrate families.

My female students could not believe that Chris did most of our cleaning. It was not very impressive that I did all the cooking. He was like a god.

The Happy College Knitter said...

Adorable! I love love love cruisers! Last May (before I caught the real knitting bug) I splurged on this gorgeous bike. It is my heart. Good luck on finding yours!

Sarah said...

Oh I do have a serious inferiority complex about my lunches now!

LOVE that counterpane bag by the way.

Julia said...

My lunch is so ghetto!