Monday, April 07, 2008

spring into progress

No real F.O's to post yet, but some progress pics!

(image deleted)

The cashmere cowl...very nearly done actually:

(Or as I keep referring to it: my spring tube top)

And also, the counterpane carpet bag:

Whose knitting is also very nearly done. Mind you it's the final "assembly" that intimidates me. I have about ZERO interest in lining a bag right now. Though I know it won't get any use unless I actually bite the bullet and do it.

I'm actually really loving how the Kureyon colours are working up in this's not nearly as garish as I'd predicted, and I'm *gasp* liking it. It's really a pretty fast knit, but I've been deliberately limiting my work on it in an effort to get other things done. But then I had a little bit of a Californication lockdown and the thing just kinda flew up.

And here's a question about gauge that came up when I was starting my Iceland sweater--

when a pattern asks that you to get gauge 20 sts/10 rows "in pattern", but the pattern itself is about 100 stitches and 18 rows repeating, what do you do? I could not for the life of me find any appreciable way of making a smaller gauge swatch based on this pattern.

I find often in those situations I just wind up casting on and knitting, and then kind of measuring "hours in" to see if my gauge is accurate (naturally, it was not...). Why can't all patterns just offer you an alternate stockinette swatch for checking gauge? Or am I missing something here? I really don't pretend to be a very knowledgeable or experienced knitter. Anyway, all that to say that I'm feeling a bit like the sizing of this sweater may be a wee bit of a crap shoot right now. Which also might be why I've put it aside altogether for the time being. The uncertainty is presently killing me and I'm really not a fan of unknowns.

"Dear Iceland: welcome to dumpsville. Population: you. p.s, I am gay." Ok, maybe not. Perhaps I will see you in the fall though when all of my summer flings are done.

In better news, my man has finally returned from the humidity that is Texas (bearing gifts no less (!)...) so I can officially stop feeling sorry for myself, wallowing in front of an entire SEASON of David Duchovny's nekkid butt (cute tho it may be), and actually get out and enjoy the sunshine. (Not sure why I couldn't do this without him exactly, but at present I am blaming "female" troubles.) Yeah, I just played that card.

Some F.O's and new projects are on the horizon, until once again, summer becomes too staggeringly humid to knit in and I abandon it for a solid two months.


Sarah said...

Which bracelet!?!?!??! Inquiring minds must know!

: )

Love the cowl, by the way.

Reckless Glue said...

haha sorry, it's the main one pictured in that link I think --the heart shaped tiffany tag.

Anonymous said...

I'm loving the carpet bag!

And my what a lovely gift giver you have there! (although I must add that I've snagged myself a tip top one as well)

Julia said...

LUCKY! Love the bracelet (why does it seem so much more lovely coming from Tiffany's? Am I a label whore?)

As for the gauge question - I HATE when patterns don't give the gauge over stockinette! Even if your pattern repeat wasn't a bazillion stitches, it's so hard to count stitches and rows over complex patterns!

Anyhooz - I would just try to get the recommended gauge for the suggested yarn (the st st gauge from the label). And I believe you're using the suggested yarn, so enh? How off can it be? It's not like it's a really tailored garment.

Of course, taking sweater knitting tips from me is a bit like taking sobriety tips from Amy Winehouse. (ie: we're both no good at it) You might want a second opinion!

Could this comment BE any longer?

Virtuous said...

Progress is always good!

And I love your stitchmarker! I want one! :o)

The Happy College Knitter said...

Umm...yeah. My boyfriend brings me home bracelets from Tiffany's too...

...No wait; he doesn't.

The progress shots look great, hooray for spring knits!

Reckless Glue said...

Julia, you're a genius! why did it never occur to me to get the st gauge off the yarn label? duh. I'm really more of a "ok, 1 ball used up, gauge off---I'm switching to different needles" (but, you know just switching and then too lazy to rip back and start over.--I'm crazy like that).

and miss virtuous, you can buy those stitch markers from Amy over at whistlepea knits--check her out on etsy!