Tuesday, October 09, 2007

all the way with B-S-J!

I rhymed it up a notch (actually I was trying to make my title an extremely specific Degrassi reference: "all the way with Stephanie K"--anybody get that?) anyway...

yarn: Patons Classic 100% merino in "Rosewood"
needles: 4.5 mm
pattern: Elizabeth Zimmerman's "baby surprise jacket" from Knitting Workshop (it can also be found in "the opinionated knitter" as well)

Such a fun knit! My first EZ pattern, and now I can't wait to try more of them. And par for the course for anyone who's knit a BSJ for the first time, I have to post the "before" (and after) folding photos. It knits up in one piece into kind of a misshapen rectangle, and then a little origami later and voila, un petit manteau:

(image deleted)

Only one seam that runs along the top...easy peasy. My biggest dilemma with this as usual, was what buttons to put on.

These were a close second:

(image deleted)

But in the end the little lambies one out (I took a poll at work). Yis. It's true. I did.

The only kinda weird thing about this was the varigated yarn I chose. Because the pattern is knit kind of on a bias, the colours began to pool at the bottom where it's a much shorter row that you're knitting. I suppose I could have kept breaking the yarn to mix it up a bit better, but who wants to weave in all those ends? In the end it almost looks deliberate, and kinda cool on the front with the purple on the bottom, but on the back it makes for a pink blob on baby Marnie's bum. Oh well, I still think it's totally cute! Want another pic?

And now I'm sure most of you have noticed that I also did the Saartje's booties to go with the jacket.

Those are such a great and fast little pattern. Evidenced if nothing else by the fact that about three thousand people (literally) on Ravelry appear to be doing them right now. They go really well with the BSJ, but again I was torn about what buttons to use (why does this plague me so?!)

In other baby BFF news, baby Marnie also has the Anouk pinafore to look forward to:

Though I am planning to change it a bit (no pockets...), but maybe a little heart in the corner. I saw a really similar one on ravelry that it so cute. You can find it through my favourites if you're interested. It's starting to make me think that I need my own pinafore!

Finally, after talking with Miss Muffy who was over for a 'lil visit on the weekend, I've decided to nix this idea. I'm SO drawn to those sleeves but am weirded out by the shawl collar. And she's right...that sweater will do my boobs no favours. God knows I've knit enough jackets of the "tent" variety lately. So thank-you miss J for making me see the light. Back to the drawing board though on what to do with all that yarn I bought to make the swing jacket. There is no getting ahead.

Hope everyone had a great weekend :)


nicole said...

All the way with Stephanie kay! yesssss! I love your little BSJ & booties - extra cute


I definitely used to watch Degrassi. But that was several years ago and don't remember anything about it now.

I love the BSJ paired with those booties.

Virtuous said...

I canNOT believe that is Patons yarn in rosewood! My goodness that knitted up well!

Love the set! But LUV the buttons even more!! They really make the whole baby set. Where did you get your buttons from??

What a cute dress!

You must be on the Babycakes group on Ravelry! LOL Please tell me you are! Haha!

Sarah said...

Hope you find the right pattern for the yarn soon. In the meantime your baby knits are CUTE!

Degrassi Junior High - oh how I wanted to go to that school! I did change my sensible shoes in the loos when I got to school and felt like I was halfway there!!

Miss Muffy said...

Stephanie K - YEAH!

For the record - I think you could totally pull off that sweater - it would just need some modification to prevent boob-dissection. Don't listen to me!

Thanks for the needle-lend and stitch markers! They add some much needed bling to my seemingly constant grey knitting - I don't have any time to blog these days but I'll post pics as soon as I can!

Sarahfish said...

Good thinking not leaving ends to sew in on the BSJ. I did a striped one using leftovers and oddments, and let's just say it took longer to weave in the ends than to knit the thing!

I'm planning on starting some Saartje's booties this week. They're just too sweet.

You could totally pull off that sweater- just might need some short-rows in the bust. It would suit you!

lomester said...

Those booties turned out SO FREAKING CUTE! the sweater too, but the booties are making my uterus hurt they are so cute!

Reckless Glue said...

that made my day :)