Friday, October 05, 2007

givin' thanx!

Well, it's (Canadian) Thanksgiving this weekend, and I am SO excited that the season of turkey is officially underway. Even tofurkey. I'll take that too. Bring it all on!

Here's what I'm knittin' this weekend (particularly now that our TV has exploded...):

My first EVAH Elizabeth Zimmerman project. Naturally, the baby surprise jacket. Seriously I can't believe it's taken me this long to finally knit something from EZ. It's pretty much done, and I am on the hunt for some cute buttons tonight. Most of you are likely familiar with this super popular baby pattern from's knit entirely in one piece, and then "magically" folded into an adorable little jacket. Like origami! (well, maybe not quite). I'm thinking about making the Saartjes booties to go along with them.

And then there's the Swiss Cheese scarf that I've also now cast on for.

And I'm just using up some leftover cotton for that. Now here is my question to all of you...what is your preferred method for casting on mid pattern/row? (for example let's say on one row you cast off three stitches and then on the following row you're asked to cast back on three stitches in the same spot in order to make the swiss cheese "holes"...). I pretty much always use what I think is called the "backward loop" method. Usually I just call it the thumb-loop, because that's what my mom calls it, and I've used it many times in different patterns with success, but I'm finding that in this particular pattern (look closely at the photo) it makes for one loose stitch at the sides of each hole.

Anyone know if there's a way around this? Maybe it's down to the fact that I'm using cotton, but I'm finding that all the tweaking and tightening in the world is not alleviating this problem. I'm fine with the way it looks, and I've noticed a few others on ravelry with the same look so maybe it's unavoidable, but I dunno, the perfectionist in me wants this to be a perfect circle. There's plenty of advice on the internet about different cast-on methods, but none of them really seem to specifically be about casting on mid-pattern. Help me, oh wise ones!

The last thing I'm thinking about right now is all that Paton's merino I bought for the Phildar Swing jacket that in the end I decided not to make. I am hell-bent on some serious stash busting lately (must be all those archived stash n burn podcasts I've been trying to catch up on!), and after the success of one Drops pattern, I may soon be attempting another. Even though I swore no more big projects for awhile!

Here's what I'm eyeing:

I'm hoping to swatch for it this weekend if I have the time.

And in the spirit of true Thanksgiving, I really wanted to give thanks to all of you out there in the knit blogosphere. Not a day goes by where one of you doesn't bring a smile to my face, and for that I am sincerely thankfully.

Now, go forth and bloat up on pumpkin pie!


Virtuous said...

THAT is how I found you!! On the Phildar Swing Jacket KAL!! :op I so dream to knit that up one day! HAHA! :oD

I have YET to knit up anything by the great EZ. Let me know if the BSJ was hard to knit up?? Where did you get your pattern from? Out of her book or order it seperately?

Well see my notes about the Saartje booties......

Gish...I am still getting my feel for CO in the middle of my work. I have used in the past the knitted CO and liked it (a little more tinkering than the backward loop) but that may help, in addition to knitting in the back leg of your stitch where you are noticing the "gaps"/loose stitch.

Hope that helps you??

It is still looking good!

Reckless Glue said...

it's been super easy to knit up actually, I would totally recommend it--pics to come...I got the pattern out of knitting workshop but it's also in "the opinionated knitter".
hmmm knitting into the back of the stitch--that just may do the trick, I'm going to try that---thanks for the tip!

Sarah said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you - hope you've been having fun knitting.

For the mid row cast on: at the class yesterday we practiced two row buttonholes which I guess is what the cheese holes are? We used a cabled cast on and then brought the yarn forward before the last cast on to eliminate the little hole - seemed pretty neat - maybe that would work here.

Reckless Glue said...

cool, I'm gonna try that too! I've never actually done a cable cast on. Regardless of what a pattern calls for I always seem to revert back to the CO that I'm comfrtable bad.

Miss Muffy said...

Geez- you're fast! Posted this on Friday and when I saw you Saturday the jacket AND booties were complete?! NOICE!

I'm totally ripping out my Clap (it has a unfixable mistake in it) and starting that cheese scarf . I guess I agree with everyone else: I've only ever used the backward loop for casting on mid-row, and then knit into the back of the next stitch. I think I read somewhere about casting on an extra stitch and then doing a k2tog, but I couldn't figure it out. I'm sure you swiss-y holes will be parfait!

Reckless Glue said...

well in my defence, by the time I posted these pics it was already almost done, so it took me longer than the internerd made it seem!
so wait---into the back of the NEXT stitch? hmmmm.
Guess I should pick that scarf up and try to put some of these ideas into practice!
That camo yarn will be gorgeous in that pattern...

lomester said...

The bootees are super easy, in my opinion, and with the little sweater it will make the perfect gift!