Monday, October 22, 2007

what's that? you like grey?

pattern: Le Slouch by Wendy Bernard
yarn: Patons Classic merino in dark grey
needles: 4.5 mm Addis Turbos

First off I have to assert that even though I am totally into (even as a little girl to which my mother can attest...) "matchy-matchy sets of things" (actually I think this may well be a family trait handed down from my Nana...) I still am obliged to tell you that I would in fact NEVER wear that grey seed stitch vest at the same time as what has turned out to be it's matching hat. It's not even the same yarn as said vest --though you'd never know it to look at those two things.

(image deleted)

I love this hat/pattern. I am all about the snoody/slouchy hats right now. I made this beret earlier this year in a less than stellar yarn choice so I'm much happier with the results this go round and have already gotten lots of wear out of it.

"hmmmmm, methinks I need something similar in know for the fall" Well that's what I think this tired 7am face is saying:
(image deleted)
Want a sneak preview? Well, you can't suckers because this photo is virtually in darkness.

So I'll save Snood #2 for another entry. Plus, give me a break, I need the blog fodder.

It's been an absolutely glorious fall here so we drove up to Prince Edward County on the weekend to enjoy the fall colours and a little knitting on the beach.

(image deleted)

As well as an impromptu slouch (and foliage to come) photoshoot (sorry, I know, photo overload!) But it was such a gorgeous day that we couldn't resist.

My BFF from California is here in a couple days, which means a week long vay-cay for me, and I am SO ready. Hopefully I'll have time to post again before she gets here because I don't think there will be much knitting happening while she's here...just drinking. And shopping. And eating out. And the giving of baby knits to my other BFF. Really it's all win-win.


Virtuous said...

I "just" printed this pattern off last week! HA! I love the yarn you used for this as it is so attainable!!! :oD
And it does look like and exact match as your grandpa vest!! Wow!

Stop being a tease and post the fall orange slouch before you go on blog vacay :o)

Have fun with your BFFs!!!

Sarah said...

Love the shots of you on the beach - a fab trip for a fab hat

Macoco said...

Your le slouch looks really great - as do your photos. Have fun with your friend!

Lolly said...

Ah! so cute! and it looks like you had a fun time photographing it too :) Have a good time off with your friend!

lomester said...

OHH! I have that yarn... in that color... hmmmmm....

Miss Muffy said...

Must make this too!