Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Anouk of the north

free pattern: Anouk from knitty.com, 3 mos. size
yarn: Lion Brand Cotton Ease in "taupe" and "terracotta"
needles: 3.5mm

Cute, huh? I absolutely love how this turned out. I want a grown up version for myself!

It's great because it's a pinafore, so when the baby is little it's basically a dress, but then as she gets older she can open the tabs on the side to the next button hole and wear it with jeans and it becomes more of a tunic.

It's actually still drying in these photos if the colour seems a little blobby. No real mods here apart from changing the "floral" theme altogether. The flowered pockets were cute but a bit loud I thought. I knit the heart from an Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern --the heart hat. I had a hell of a time with that and trying to get the right size since she doesn't ever offer size options, but just leaves it to your yarn choice and needles. And given that I needed to use the same yarn that wasn't really helping me. On my SMALLEST needles the heart knit up twice that size. SO I painstakingly de-plyed the yarn. Thank-god I didn't have to de-ply an entire ball as that was no mean feat as it was. (Not to mention the cats thought it was play time through the whole process and were beyond annoying...) But in the end, success!

And then: I noticed at the end of the pattern she actually does give some size options. grrrrr. So the moral of this story is: always. read. ahead. Don't do what Billy Don't does.

I actually tried to make the matching bonnet with my leftover hearts, but they were just too small to be able to effectively pick up stitches all the way around. So, I may still do it. I feel like this little smock needs something to go with it.

(image deleted)

Or I can just ride around with it hanging off my bike basket all day.


Amy said...

That's adorable. I have friends who are expecting a girl and I may have to make this. I never liked it on Knitty, and now I see that there was just too much going on there.

Macoco said...

That is almost too cute for words. eekk so cute cute cute. The brown and red work so well together.

Miss Muffy said...

I wish I knew the sex of the babies my friends are expecting. That dress is SO CUTE!

And yeah "un-plying" yarn? Never again!

Sarah said...

Oh what a little beauty. I admire your dedication to the cause of the heart.

Virtuous said...

Too adorable!!! I love how it will "graduate" with she grows!! :o)

I say let the extra hearts dangle on your bike! :op

Kate said...

I love the heart pocket! Very cute and non girly because of the colors.

Monika said...

Oh my god, how very cute! I liked the BSJ and Booties too, but this is lovely! ;o)

Reckless Glue said...

wow thanks everyone!

lomester said...

SO FREAKING CUTE!!!! i love the heart. Great design idea!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous! i love those colors!