Thursday, October 25, 2007

fall is for foliage

I'm picking my friend Jaye up from the airport in a couple of hours, so this may be my last opportunity to blog for a week or so. She's coming in from San Diego so I don't know how she can't be freaking out about these crazy ass fires she's leaving behind.

But allow me to officially ring in fall anyway and leave you with a little "foliage"...

Pattern: Foliage from
Yarn: Rowan Pure wool DK in spice
Needles: 6.5 mm

I wet-blocked it on a dinner plate so it could have more "slouch-like" dimensions.

And you may recognize the backdrop here from my last post...I actually finished knitting this very hat on the beach, so I did my best to tuck in all my non-woven ends so that we could do a little photo shoot. (I wasn't smart enough to bring scissors or a darning needle--I really didn't think I'd get that far on this!). These are all pre-blocking as well, so this hat in actuality is far slouchier than these pictures let on.

I also double-stranded the yarn and knit the "chunky" version on knitty (they offer two versions...) if anyone was interested in using a similar yarn. The pattern was super-well written, and this was a FAST knit. I think it took me two and a half hours max...and I'm wearing it lots.

And I didn't even need a wind machine!

Actually most of the photos were duds that had me with a face full of hair. (greasy hair that was full of sand, I might add.) ---More to come after a week's worth of martini hangovers...have a great week!


Virtuous said...

Well "Welcome fall!" :oD

Your foliage looks like it was actually crocheted! I haven't seen the chunky version yet. And I would have never thought to block a hat on a plate...good crafty thinking! :op

Enjoy your friend this week!

Macoco said...

Have fun with your friend! Your Foliage looks beautiful. I'm always looking for a quick knit, so I'll have to keep this in mind.

Sarah said...

Good going at the hat factory :)

Hope you have a lovely week.

Lolly said...

okay, seriously cute. seeing yours, I need to add this one to my queue. it would be a great knit for my sister (and for me)!

Miss Muffy said...

How did I miss this on Knitty? Stop with the awesome hats, I can't keep up!

Oh - and dinner plate? Genius!

Reckless Glue said...

welcome back! I am excited to hear all about your trip!