Tuesday, September 11, 2007

droppin' the drops!

needles: 8mm bamboo
pattern: Garnstudio Drops 103-1
yarn: Patons Shetland Chunky in Oxford Grey

This took FOUR DAYS to knit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the yarn cost me about $35 dollars! So based on that alone, this one's a winner. I did it on the cheap with an acrylic/wool blend, and I'm actually really happy with how it looks and feels, but if you wanted to pony up with some nicer yarn, who could blame you?

woot woot!

So anyway, I'm not sure what else to say other than "up with chunky knits!" This pattern has actually resulted in me picking up Twinkle's Big City Knits again and starting a couple things in there. I had previously put it aside in anger-- but more on that later.

In retrospect I really should have done a smaller size in this jacket. I did it in what I guess is the large (the third size I think?), but it's actually too big (and yes I got gauge...). The three-quarter sleeves on me are actually more like full length (actually a perfect length on my short arms so I can't totally complain...) and rather than "swingy" (and much like my OTHER swing jacket), more "box" than swing. So I blocked it out in an effort to narrow it and make it a bit longer. Now I think it seriously is almost a foot longer, which kinda makes it more of a coat for me now than anything else. No matter--I love it!

The pattern had a couple of weirdo hiccups as well, likely due to the translations. It drives me crazy when patterns are vague. Like when something says "cast on 52 stitches (incl. 2 edge stitches) do they mean that already includes the edge stitches, or that I should include them? The abbreviation page sited "incl." as both "include" and "including". Annoying. I basically included them in one spot and then not in the other. In the end it didn't matter much.

(image deleted)

(I need to get a tripod)

I did agonize a leeeeetle over the buttons. I seriously have a fear of buttons. Much like bangs it can really change the way EVERYTHING looks, so I have this fear of going too "dramatic" with the buttons (I am a plain jane after all...), so in the end I went with the least obtrusive I could find:

(image deleted)
though these were a serious contender:

(image deleted)
but again, too flash for me. Pathetic isn't it? When did I become such a wallflower? (likely when I started knitting -hah!)

Want another photo?

(image deleted)

AND as of yesterday I am officially on Raverly (and killing much time loadin' in the projects!). Expect to be stalked/friended/harassed by me soon...


Miss Muffy said...

If I didn't have deadline knitting on my hands I'd be totally knitting this! It looks great, but seriously, girl - you need the BF to take some shots. Or you know, the tripod thing. (Isn't it sad that you can replace a boyfriend with a tripod?} I don't know what you look like in any of your sweaters! Oh yeah, and good button choice!

Virtuous said...

Very cute! I like it! And I have this knit on my wishlist (I think I already told you that! LOL)

GOOD CHOICE on the buttons! Where did you get them? And you are right they are alot like bangs! Make/Break baby! LOL

I don't have a BF, but if I did I SO would utilize him! *hmph*
Looks like I am the one who really needs to get the tripod!! ;o)
So add me as your friend on Ravelry now that you are IN!! I am CrimsonPurl of course! ;op

Reckless Glue said...

Miss purl, you've been added of course! The buttons I just got a fabricland...not sure if you have one of those where you are or not...
The ironic thing is that the BF DID take photos this go-round (the head shot of me was ok) but everything else was just way too blurry to use, and I hate using the flash. I think I did pretty good on my own, oh well.
I did *just* get a tripod though so maybe things are looking up.
xo cara

Sarah said...

Yey this is fabulous, and at that speed who could be unhappy :)

Sarah said...

Oh, I am so making that sweater! Can I ask what size needles you used?

Reckless Glue said...

yes, they were 8mm (US size 11)

elizabeth said...

So sorry, I should've looked for your post before I emailed you on Ravelry! Anyway, I cast on for this yesterday and you're right about the sizing. According to my bust measurement, I should knit the XL size, and even though I got gauge, the back measured the same size as a XXL! Smaller needles and smaller size next time (I've already ripped - yarn issues).

Monika said...

What a gorgeous cardigan. Love the yarn too!

lomester said...

4 days????!?!?! insane! I love it love it LOVE it on you

Reckless Glue said...

thanks lady!

sprucetree18 said...

Your sweater is beautiful. I can't believe you knit it in four days... do you mean four 24-hour days though?!?


PS - I also love the dark blue sweater. You are becoming a pretty accomplished knitter, little sisser... how do I place my order?!?

PPS - Those marizpan cupcakes are hilarious...

Reckless Glue said...

yeah 4 days was a bit of a fluke...all down to big needles and yarn!
does this mean you have a blog now?

Andrea said...

now the jacket is definitely on my to do list. Very cute!