Wednesday, September 05, 2007

what to do, what to do?

Well now that the sailor sweater is done, I'm finding myself in the happy position of deciding which projects to pick up next.

It's kind of a first in a way...usually there a couple items that I'm desperate to do, so I rush through what I'm working on to get to the next thing. Now, not so much, though there's no shortage of ideas out there.

That photo's from the weekend, and I've actually already begun seaming that sweater ---up with chunky yarn and 8mm needles -woot! I really thought that thing would take me a lot longer, so as it draws to a close, here's what I'm pondering:

(image deleted)

In keeping with the sailor theme: Hat Party Two, electric boogaloo! (did I mention I love hats? Yes, yes I did. Only a thousand times.) As well as the Odessa hat which I've seen all over the internet. Not sure how this whole "beading" thing's gonna work out, but at least it's something new for me to try.

Also next:

(image deleted)

(The vest on the left). I'm hoping to get gauge for it with some yarn from the stash. My new rule is *absolutely NO new yarn. Unless it is for a specific project READY to be started. I get way too sucked into the odd hank or skein because it's beautiful, but too expensive to buy more than one of. As a result I have all these (essentially useless) skeins of yarn. And I'm not a sock knitter, so why do I even bother with that stuff?

On the sticks? Well I still need to finish the angora mittens. I think I should just bite the bullet an DO IT this weekend. Also sort of on the sticks, this heinous lace-weight mess:

(image deleted)

I've got this ball of Lacey Lamb that I've had no idea what to do with. I think I bought it originally beacuse it felt so much like cashmere, but it literally is like trying to knit with a spool of thread. I figured there was no way that I'd ever actually do anything lacy with it, but then I got inspired by this Verona Shawl:

(image deleted)

So I thought maybe I'd try my hand at something similar just to use up all that lace weight. I figure it's just rows and rows of stockinette, so might be a good one to keep at work. Though knitting up that chunky sweater might have actually soured me towards doing anything that delicate right now.

Apart from that I do have a couple of other smaller ideas of the glove variety and MORE cowls. I got a lot of use out of those two I knit this past winter, so I think there will be at least two more of those in my future.

Hope everyone's enjoying the tail end of summer...


Miss Muffy said...

Have you seen this?

You guys have me seriously reconsidering which Drops pattern to knit!

Reckless Glue said...

yes I have--I found her through you actually because your link to me actually goes to her blog.
I just read that today--and it has pretty much only taken me 4 days as well. I'm surprised by what a fast knit it's been.

Lolly said...

I am putting the finishing touches on my Verona Shawl, and I just love it. I will probably be finished tomorrow or Friday :) you should make it too!

Reckless Glue said...

well you're the inspiration, missy! I love the way yours is shaping up--I'm just not sure I have the patience for it :/

Virtuous said...

OOh you have GOT to do the hat since you just did the sailor sweater!

I see you do love Phildar patterns. How about I have 3 of their pattern books over here and need to try and knit something out of one of them! LOL :op

I have that other pattern printed out and I can't believe it is a fast knit! Hopefully hubby will be around to snap pics of you in this one!!

Reckless Glue said...

it's so fast, you have to make it! I feel like if I ever decide to make a sweater for someone else, that will be my go-to pattern.

Now that I've pieced it together tho I'm discovering that it's way too big, so some buttons soon and *maybe* some steeking and it should be good to go.

Sarah said...

I just knit the Melody Shawl from Morehouse - I bet Verona is just as lovely.

So, is your drops jacket turning out well? Did you have trouble with the pattern?

Reckless Glue said...

yes, it turned out pretty well--I plan to post about it tomorrow...
the pattern was a bit weird in a couple spots, but easy enough to think through I think (unlike the stupid twinkle pattern I'm currently doing!)

lomester said...

I love the sailor hat. You should def. do it! and the shawl kinda reminds me of the eternal kusha kusha shawl i just started...