Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I think this ALSO needs to go in the queue:

Found at Knitting Escapism, pattern here.

I just love it. The simplest patterns always seem to produce the most beautiful results. I think that's why I'm always drawn to the boring old stockinette patterns. They're dull to knit, but infinitely wearable.

And I had already mentionned this to miss Crimson Purl, but has everyone seen the new Fairisle Old Navy commercials they've been inundating us with lately? Now, I'm not a fan of fairisle to begin with, but Old Navy's version? blech, and more blech. I just feel like they've watered down the new knit-wear "craze" going on in the fashion world right now to the point of uber-bland.

See you on the sale rack.


Virtuous said...

Now THAT is unique! Now in my favorites! :op

Yeah so BLECH @ Old Navy Fair Isle. You are right I don't like it is a the waterdowned version of FI which just rubs me the wrong way....now before I even started knitting it wouldn't even have crossed my mind! LOL

Sarah said...

You're like my own knitting editor bringing back glorious patterns that I want to cast on IMMEDIATELY! This is a real beauty.

Miss Muffy said...

Now I want this scarf instead of a new Clapotis!

Those old Navy commercials were driving me nuts because I'd heard the song before and couldn't place it. It finally came to me last night; it's a song Brenda Dayne played on Cast-On!

Reckless Glue said...

weird--i wonder if it was her "fair isle" episode...maybe one of the old navy designers is actually a knitter, and there's a hidden subtext there somewhere.

or perhaps I am over-analyzing.