Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Phildar F.O

yarn: Patons Classic in Navy (100% wool)
needles: 4mm bamboo straights
pattern: Phildar Tendences Automne 06/07 (sweater # 456-T6-206)
Vintage bakelite peacoat buttons bought on ebay

The sailor sweater is done, and this one's a winner! I was even pretty proud of my seaming in the end, by the last bit I was starting to get the hang of it. (We'll see how that applies to the Drops sweater mind you...).

It's been done for a little while now and I was waiting on the hubby to snap some photos of me in it, but then as usual I finally just grew totally impatient so you get the usual boobs-up self shots. Sorry.

Well that gives you some idea of it on at any rate. As with most things I knit, it looks better on the hanger anyway!

The two things I'd change if I had to knit it again? The collar. It looks a lot longer on the model, though I'm not sure if that's down to how I've sewn it together or not. It was in two pieces, split at the back neck and I sewed them together cuz I didn't like it floppin' all over the place. It says nothing in the instructions about this, and it's impossible to tell from the photo whether or not they did in fact do this either. The other thing I'd change was my blocking. I think I blocked the sleeves a little wide so they are floppier than I'd like.

(image deleted)

Apart from that I'm quite happy with it. The BF commented that the last three sweaters in a row I've worked on have been 3/4 sleeves. Not sure why that is, I'm not even that much of a fan of shorter sleeves. Maybe I'm just assuming they'll be regular length on me since I'm so short? I dunno. Faster knitting gratification I guess.

In the end it took me exactly five balls of wool. Here's how much I had left:

(image deleted)

Scraps! I can't believe it --I thought for sure I'd have to buy another ball just for seaming.

I think I'm definitely jazzed to try some more Phildar patterns now though (although endless stockinette on 4mm needles maybe not so much...). Once you get past a couple of the wonky translations, they're actually very instructional. Some would say over-instructional, but as far as I'm concerned there can never be too much detail! Particularly as I work on this Drops jacket and have to "guess" at a lot of what they mean, I am beginning to appreciate Phildar even more! The drops jacket is going up FAST...it's nice to do a chunky knit for once.

Anyway, more to come!

(image deleted)


Virtuous said...

Oh my goodness! Just freakin lovely! But what is unbelievable is that it is all in Paton's wool! WOW!

LOL @ boob up shoots! Haha!

Great job!!

nicole said...

That sweater is AWESOME! I also can't wait to see your Drops jacket! I finished mine last week & now I'm just waiting for it to get cool enough to wear a bulky wool jacket. hurry up autumn!

Sarah said...

Ooh this really is a winner, great work - the buttons are a lovely finishing touch.

lomester said...

Patons?! Really? Where is that Michael's coupon! I lovee this one. The sleeve detail is fantastic!

Reckless Glue said...

yeah, I don't know what it is, for a big project I am all about the Paton's these days. Cheap and reliable--old faithful!