Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Knitscene convention

TWO knits out of the same magazine? That's a first (well for me I mean):

pattern: Calyx handtote by Pam Allen from Knitscene
yarn: Patons wool merino in Black and Red
needles: 5mm

Well, this is a GREAT pattern, quite simply. My handles felted up beautifully, with no mess (thank-you Patons!), and I love the combination of felted knitting with the plain stockinette. It's not quite enough felt to make me feel like I've got a felted bag (which I'm not so keen on...). Also once my handles were done the bag went up really quickly, and I'm quite pleased with the overall look of the finished product. Check ravelry if you're planning to knit this as there were a couple of pattern problems with the handles, which I think stalled a few people out right off the bat. It's an easy fix though, and then you're underway.

I didn't bother with the suggested leafy appliqué and decided instead to felt my embellishments. I just knit a bunch of squares, then cut out some hearts and whip-stitched them on. Here's hoping they don't fray on me, but so far they seem to be fine.

I kinda like how puffy they turned out. My original plans were for a slightly more rockin' lightning bolt from one corner to the next, but when I put my templates onto the finished bag, the hearts looked way better. I'm hoping the red & black colour combo takes some of the overall "sweetness" out of it. For the most part I trend towards the less precious side of life. The jury's still out on whether she's a re-gifter mind you.

New on the sticks:

Elisa's nest tote from the purl bee (a gift for a co-worker), and still another string grocery bag:

(image deleted)

The Emerald string bag from Worsted-Knitt. I was hoping these would both be really quick knits for gifts, but now I'm not so sure. Particulary in the latter case I'm finding the size 19 jumbo needles in combination with the tiny string yarn a bit hard to manage in what are (I'm informed...) my "freakishly small hands".

I guess I might be more offended if I didn't know it to be true.


melissa said...

i really like your sandals! what are they/where are they from (i.e., could a gal all the way over here in seattle acquire a pair somehow!?). :)

i've made the elisa's nest tote, and i too thought it would be a lot quicker than it really was. the end result was really nice though.

Reckless Glue said...

thanks--they are actually just cheapies from that mall-tyoe store "spring" not sure if you have them in the states, but gladiators are everywhere right now so you could no doubt find something similar.

Sarah said...

Great bag - love the shape and your applique choice is fun

I've got an Elisa's Nest Tote hanging around on the needles mainly because I found the cotton and big needles combo less enjoyable knitting than I'd hoped

The Happy College Knitter said...

That bag is fantastic! I "heart" it ;)

Virtuous said...

Your new bag is super cute! I luv the RED in it! ;o)

Lolly said...

such cute bags! I have a real shortage of knit bags/totes. I really should make some - so usable and stylin'. Love the little hearts.

Julia said...

Ha! I was totally going to ask you about the sandals and somebody beat me to it! I've been coveting some Steve Madden gladiators that look almost exactly the same but 3 times the price!

Oh, and yes - nice bag!

Reckless Glue said...

that "spring" store is becoming my new favourite place for cheap footwear. Why spend a lot when in 3 months time you will be DONE with that style?! There are a couple other gladiator type sandals that I am also gonna grab there I think...

Wendy said...

I have tagged you for the 7 MEME. See my blog for details.

Mathieu Trudel said...

Hi Cara,

How can I get that feature on your blog : current projects (with the percentage done)

You're too good at making it all pro!
You need to teach me how to do so.