Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ms. Stewart if you're nasty

Anyone see Martha yesterday? (yeah, that's right: I tape it --whatup?)

She pretty much devoted the whole episode to knitting, and it was totally cool to see everyone in the audience knitting when they'd pan over that way.

She had Lauren Ulm on from Vegan Yum Yum who had made those incredible Marzipan cupcakes awhile back (I think images of her yummy things made some serious knitting blog rounds...).

Her knit night cupcakes are just so adorably amazing,

I think you can see the whole clip of how to make these Marzipan sweaters on her blog. And there are also some tutorials right on the Martha Stewart website.

Also, SO adorable on that show yesterday:

I think I need to make ALL of those they are just so friggin' cute.

You can watch the entire episode of Martha's Homemade Knitwear day


It was also totally cute to a see a few audience members showing off their knitwear creations ...a couple of which have been in my own ravelry queue for some time now.

aren't they great?! I think I may have to step up this one called ninja bun:

These amazing designs (and there are SO many more) are all by Anna Hrachovecclose. Yopu can buy them all in her Mochimochi shop.

Ok, well how many times can I use the word adorable in one post?

Everyone needs more adorable in their lives I think.


Sarah said...

Shoot. Forgot to TiVo the episode. Thanks for sharing the link to view the epidsode. And, yes, we could all use more adorable in our lives.

Sarah said...

Shoot. I forgot to TiVo the episode - thanks for the link.

And, I totally agree. We can always use more adorable in our lives.

The Happy College Knitter said...

That frosting looks so realistic I thought you draped your knitting over baked goods. I was about to get really upset with something (lol!). That looks awesome and I'll have to watch it later :)

Wendy said...

Oh these are just toooooo cute!!! I think I need the bubbly tub for myself!

I'll have to check out the Martha episode.

Sarah said...

Thanks for that link - I wasn't sure I could get this in the UK but now I now what I'll be doing tonight.

Julia said...

Gotta love Martha! I wouldn't feel bad about taping it - I actually sat through the "Martha goes to jail" made for tv movie!

lomester said...

I love the bath tub! how freaking cute is that!

Virtuous said...

I have seen those infamous cupcakes, but didn't know there was a tutorial for them!!