Monday, February 11, 2008

secret knitting reveal!

The jig is up! Well no, the birthday is up, so I can finally post the mystery knitting for the fabulous miss Julia:

good lord she is so CUTE!

...princess for a day.

So here it is, some of you may have guessed already, but it was the fake-a-gamo:

pattern: Fake-a-gamo by Kate Sonnick
yarn: Patons Classic merino in "Evergreen mix"
needles: 5mm (I think...sorry I can't remember!)

Love this pattern. Knit lit Kate essentially based the pattern for this bag on a $1600 Salvatore Feragamo bag from a of couple seasons ago --seen here --too cute! And I can be such a dunce when it comes to "continue in pattern"-type instructions that I hounded her until she dumbed down row #13 of the pattern for me. She took it all in stride though, and once I got rolling I was completely hooked on it. I'm thinking that I need to make another bigger one for myself even, and I am totally eyeing a version like this one that I found in the Fake-a-gamo Flickr pool.

Oooooooh, aaaaaaah---I love that red one! (sorry I can't seem to post it directly here for some reason...) But my main issue is finding the handles...anyone with a good source for purse handles, by all means let me know, so far I'm really only managing to find the circular ones.

Anyway, I think she liked went great with her outfit that night:

Not to mention a night of gambling, and uh "rocking out".

I wrapped it into a nice phallus for her too, so as to be extra confusing!

(image deleted)


Hopefully she doesn't kill me for posting all these photos of her here, but really the girl is incapable of a bad shot anyway.

(image deleted)

Though I do anticipate some form of unflattering-photo retribution for myself one of these days (not that hers are unflattering, mind).

more pictures? oh, ok:

happy birthday, lady!


Macoco said...

Fantastic bag and a terrific gift! I love the color. Happy birthday to your friend!

Anonymous said...

So cute!

Are you at work today? We'll be stopping by later and I'm going to bring you a little present.

Sarah said...

Love it - great gift

Julia said...

LOVE THE BAG!!! Thank you so much! Now I'm off to post bad pictures of you on my blog... (kidding!)

Reckless Glue said...

amy--thank-you thank-you for the prezzie!

knitlit kate said...

that looks so good and thanks for the plug! also i totally love your urchin look so happy in it! i gotta get me that book!

Reckless Glue said...

i often find the "accidental" photos turn out better than my more posed ones!

The Happy College Knitter said...

That's AWESOME! what a cute gift idea! :)

Virtuous said...

GREAT b-day present!!!!
You did a FAB job on it!

Sorry about Urchin!

Happy Love Day!!! :oD