Thursday, February 28, 2008

things that are cool...

first of all, me. I'm cool.

haha I kid, but how cool is this: there's this uber-cool artist named Jenn Ski whose work I've long admired and whose giclee prints on etsy I've LONG been meaning to buy (it's just so hard to decide that every time I go to chose one I get option paralysis...)

like this one,

or this one,

or this one,

plus, her stuff is so fun and inspiring that it always makes me want to get off my ass and make my own art. (Yes, there was a time, but these days I am purely a slave to the knitting overlords...)

Jenn has her own fun retro blog that I also subscribe to, so I was pretty chuffed to discover that she had blogged about little 'ol me! How cool is that?

If you're interested, you can see her giving me some love HERE.

And now I'm about to go off on another tangent (still mildly in the realm of "things that are cool") ok wait, more like: "things that are cool via something that I know is a way-lame addiction for me".

By which I say to you, OK who's watching the latest cycle of Top model?! God, this really is the week of "here's what Cara is watching" isn't it? But indulge me because the photo shoot last night was kind of cool wasn't it? Ok, glamorizing "homelessness" not so much (tho they like to refer to that as "bringing attention to the problem of being homeless" uh, sure whatever antm) but it was worth it for the cool knit headwear.

LOVE this one, think I need to take a stab at it:

(plus she's the "plus-sized" model so she's immediately my fave)--and yes, I'm aware that her "plus-size" is like a floor-thudding size 8 or something.

This hat, also kinda cool. Like a giant over-sized newsboy from SNB. And man, they RAVED about this photo, but I dunno, I find this chick a bit creepy here,

or this one, (very easy, very twinkle--love the purple):


and ok, there were a couple of dorkier ones too,

(like, what's up with the gnome-y point? EZ Ganomy rip-off perhaps?)

and while I know this one is likely a scarf,

It's lighting a fire under me to get back on the "cowl" train. Cuz sweet, merciful crap it seems like I wear a cowl every day of the week.

Anyway, it's nice to know that knitwear is alive and well in fashion right now. Do you think that it's knitters who influence fashion, or vice versa?

Gosh Tyra, you're just so real.

(thank you ohnotheydidnt for the photos)

Tomorrow I plan to strike one of the "knit-o-lutions" off my list! Take that 2008!


Julia said...

Yes, you ARE cool.
Yes, I WAS watching ANTM.
OMIGOD I was totally going to blog about the knitwear! There's a white sweater from that shoot that I swear must be a Twinkle knit!

Virtuous said...

Okay I watched that show and didn't even realize that knitwear!! You are good!!!